About Hammerstein Musik Bavaria

Hammerstein Musik Bavaria is a 4-piece global get-down machine performing traditional polka, tango, operetta, and the occasional well-placed classic rock song. Our shows run the gamut from infectious dance rhythms to romantic serenades, from interactive dance numbers to virtuosic instrumental features, and are a sure hit with audiences of all ages. We play dinner music, dance music, and party music, and specially tailor our presentation to the needs of your event.


"HAMMERSTEIN is hands down the best Polka Band I've ever seen. And I've been to many Oktoberfests."

Michael Felbinger, Director


"I have seen the alpine polka and rock band HAMMERSTEIN perform many times. Two years ago I engaged them to play at my 50th birthday. I grew up in the Austrian alps and spent my college years in Bavaria, enjoying many a beer festival. I don't remember ever experiencing such a lively, entertaining and spirited alpine music band as is HAMMERSTEIN. Andreas, with his Bavarian charm, his humor and his amazing yodeling will make any crowd go crazy. Andreas' band is, by far, the most authentic alpine music I have ever witnessed in America." -Martin Leitner